Hello, world! I am Chinese. My name is Wei Jin. And my English name is Eric. I was born and grew up in Suining, which is a small city of Sichuan province in southwest China.

My interest is about cloud computing, distributed system and NoSQL storage sytem. I am eager to build high performance, concurrent, distributed and robust systems.

Currently, I am working for Wanda FFan as a staff engineer. Before that, I worked for Qihoo 360. These two working experiences are about Ceph open source project.

Also, I have worked for a startup company UCloud and my duty was about UMem storage system based on Redis.

After graduation, I have worked for Intel for three years. And my work mainly focused on Android framework, HAL and Bionic libc. Also, during my post-graduate life, I had internship thrice, two in Intel and another in Tencent company.

Besides, I have many hobbies, such as football, billiard, tennis, swimming and so on. I am a football buff, and my favourite team is Manchester United.

I also maintain a blog for something valuable.